I grew up in NYC.  More specifically, The Bronx.  Not exactly the place where I could feel safe or find much loving-kindness.  For the most part, I felt out of place and alone.  I had to grow up pretty fast and learn to protect myself.


Going off to college was my escape from the concrete jungle.  I was opened up to a variety of learning.  I explored different classes such as art, dance, drama, philosophy, and ultimately yoga.  Yoga allowed me a way to create a safe space for myself but I didn’t stick with it.  I found my way to other substances that helped me to feel like I was a part of.  It was an artificial and short-lived way of thinking I was OK and everything was just fine.  Once the high wore off all of the “icky” feelings would come back.


Somehow I found my way back to yoga and the West Coast.  Slowly I was able to let go and get to know myself.  Eventually, through an array of yoga styles and philosophies, I turned to sobriety and a 12-step program.


The combination of my recovery, the 12-steps, and yoga is a powerful force in my life.  One that allows me to courageously face my fears with grace and trust.  Ultimately, I can just BE.


I can always find a simple solution in using my breath and movement to create a connection for my body, mind, and soul. 


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to guide others through what I know and love.


The solution always comes from within.  Yoga gives us the opportunity to tune into that.

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