Welcome to practitioners of all levels.


The focus is on the release of addictive thoughts and self-destructive patterns that separate, disconnect, and prevent us from flourishing in relationships with ourselves, family and friends, and our surroundings.


We practice a sweet blend of breath, movement, stretching, and stillness.  All of which gives us permission to sync our mind, body, and spirit.


Each class allows us the opportunity to tap into the healing and relief that the addictive mind needs.


Pia teaches STEP BY STEP RECOVERY YOGA privately and in a group.


Check our schedule for a class near you.


Workshops and retreats coming soon.



Vinyasa Flow

Connect the movement of your body to your breath during each pose.  Sometimes there's lots of movement and sometimes there are lots of holds.  There is no permanent or set list of asanas so each class varies but is always filled with insight.




Bring together a small group of friends at home, work, or any space you choose to share the benefits of yoga together. 





Private instruction are a great way to introduce you to yoga, deepen an already strong practice or meet a personal goal. Individualized attention can help you experience more balance, awareness and comfort.


Set in the privacy of your own space, your practice will be taken at your own pace to help you feel centered, grounded, and ready to take on the rest of the day.



Use the contact form if you are interested in learning more about private instruction with Pia.










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